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With our lawn care service we provide: lawn mowing, trimming around trees and edges, and blowing off the grass clippings from the paved areas (patio, sidewalk, driveways).

Fall Leaves
Weekly (weather permitting)

In the spring we will remove fallen sticks, branches, debris and trash, and any late fallen leaves. In the fall we can remove any leaves from grass or pavement.


We will push or blow the snow off your driveway and sidewalks and steps.


Mowing Details

When we mow we aim for cutting 1/3 of the grass blade off for optimal health of the grass which is why weekly mowing is highly recommended.

The number of mowings needed per year can vary due to the weather. On average we will start between April–early May and will finish around September–late October.  This will be about 18-22 weeks. The times for the spring clean-up is in April and the fall clean-up is normally in October.

If you have pets we would encourage you to keep them inside the day we will be arriving. We also ask that you pick up/clean up after your pets and have the lawn cleared of toys and lawn chairs.

Snow Details

For snow removal we will have up to 24 hrs after the storm to clear the snow. Our prices are based on less then 6", if the snow fall is greater than 6" there may be additional cost for heavier snow fall. 


Petrich Brothers

A Family Owned Business

James and Spencer are hard working farm boys born and raised in Marshall, Minnesota. The boys have been mowing lawn since before they were tall enough to reach the pedal (Dad had to attach a wooden block)! Doing an excellent job and being professional is very important as the company is in its early stages and we hope to keep you as a customer for many years. The company is also fully insured so if any accidents were to happen on the job to your property, it's on us!

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